Frank Nardone plays Cupid in China with SA wine

Frank Nardone plays CupidFrank Nardone happened to be in China on the 7th day of the 7th Lunar month, otherwise known as Qi Xi or Lovers' Day. It fell on August 19 this year. The basic story behind this day, which is the Chinese equivalent to Valentine's Day, combines love with sadness.

A common version of the Qi Xi story has the daughter of the Emperor of Heaven falling in love with an orphan cowherd during a visit to the human world. They marry and have two children. But two years later, the Emperor separates them and sends his daughter to the star, Vega, and the cowherd to the star, Altair. These stars are high and bright in the night sky during this time of year, seemingly separated by the Milky Way. According to legend, magpies take pity on them once and year and form a bridge allowing the couple to reunite briefly.

It also follows that the brief encounter yields many tears of joy and sadness, witnessed by rain on Lovers' Day every year. Frank Nardone was told about this during his recent visit and despite a week of dry, hot weather, sure enough, in the afternoon of August 19, the heavens opened and there was an almighty downpour.

While visiting a Wine Shop on Lover's Day, Frank overheard a young Chinese couple discussing what wine to buy for their special dinner. He kept hearing the word "Australia" mentioned, so he offered his help to guide them to a safe selection. They had not heard of Shiraz but were familiar with Cabernet Sauvignon, so Frank set them up for an enjoyable night by recommending a Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon. Next year, the store will be sure to have the Nardone Baker range to make the selection process even easier!



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