A joyful "whisper" for a Happy New Year

One of the great joys of working in an export industry, is meeting an amazing array of people with different ways of viewing the world and enjoying life. One such person is Steve So, owner of Leung Yick Co. Ltd. - Nardone Baker's distributor in Hong Kong.

Steve has been a hard working businessman for more than 30 years but for the last decade, he has made time to pursue his passion for painting "after hours". This surprisingly relaxed and reflective side to a typically frenetic Hong Kong businessman, illustrates the creative spirit that is at the core of Leung Yick Co. Ltd.

One of the highlights of each December for Nardone Baker staff, is the annual arrival of the Leung Yick Co. desk calendar featuring twelve bright, colourful, original paintings by Steve So. The image, above, is from the 2006 calendar and is called "whisper". It is actually the image for October, but who could blame us sneaking a quick peek through the full calendar now that it is on the desk?

Steve is a self-taught artist and believes that bright colours bring joy and happiness - you never find the dull greys of winter in a Steve So painting! Steve's work has been exhibited in various events in Hong Kong and Beijing, organised by the Hong Kong International Oil Painting Association and Lifeline Express.

In 2000, Steve's work was part of an exhibit that won the Award of Distinction and was displayed in the Museum of Chinese History in Beijing - a truly, great honour.

Leung Yick Co. Ltd. is a dynamic member of Nardone Baker Wines' international team of distributors. Their on-going success has really tapped Hong Kong's thirst for quality Australian wine. Not only have Nardone Baker's premium range of wines been a popular part of Leung Yick Co.'s inventory, the company has enjoyed immense success with The Wara Manta Reserve wines In fact, LYC made headlines in Adelaide's Advertiser newspaper for buying the last shipment of our 1998 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and LYC has another large allocation of our multi-award-winning 2002 Reserve Shiraz on en route to Hong Kong right now!



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