2005 Chardonnay launch

Nardone Baker ChardonnayOur winemaking team at Nardone Baker pride themselves on consistency and quality, vintage by vintage - when you have a winning style, you don't go changing it. So why did the 2005 Chardonnay cause a stir at its official launch on December 1?

"I think we are just getting better at perfecting the 'unwooded' style," says Nardone Baker Managing Director, Frank Nardone.

"There has been a clear change in preference among wine drinkers in Australia and the US, in particular, moving away from the heavy, oak-laden Chardonnays to the lighter, brighter, fruitier style we have been producing for a number of years," he said.

"I have seen this reflected in our growing sales of Chardonnay and I have also heard it directly from wine drinkers when I have been out and about at wine tastings with our distributors and retailers around the world."

Chief winemaker, Brian Light, is proud of the 2005 Chardonnay for its soft, round character. "This is truly a soft, easy drinking wine," says Mr Light. "It really is a very simple wine that is clean, fresh and low in acidity.

"As a result, the fruit flavours come to the fore with melon the predominant flavour."

The launch was well timed ahead of a hot, thirsty Australian summer but Mr Light says wine lovers in export markets are probably in the box seat.

"By the time this wine arrives in the northern hemisphere, to Europe and North America, it will be at its peak for excellent drinking during the 2006 summer."

"And for Asian markets where temperatures are warmer year-round, they have a full 18 months of pure pleasure ahead of them with this superb Chardonnay!" he said.


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