Sour grapes or dour insight?, Nardone Baker's letter to the editor

"It was with horror and amazement that I read the article, Sour grapes - Our wine 'shocking' say London critics (Advertiser, Saturday, March 5, 2005).

My South Australian wine company, Nardone Baker Wines, is a small player competing against the international giants on the UK stage and I would hate to think our products were tarred with the same brush referred to in your article.


We would welcome the UK Consumers Association and its publication, Which?, to taste our range against those it critiqued as "below par" in its article upon which the Advertiser report was based (see our General wine news section - March 2, 2005).

Our wines not only stand proud against the benchmark, household names (the article refers to Jacob's Creek, Banrock Station, Penfolds Koonunga Hill, Hardy's Nottage hill, among others), but are developing a following in their own right in many parts of the world - UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, to name a few.

I note with relief, the Which? article did suggest that consumers experiment with lesser-known brands to find character and balance. With two times Australian Winemaker of the Year, Brian Light, at our helm, we are confident of impressing these discerning UK judges and are writing to invite them to the challenge.

We are consistently told our products over deliver on quality at the £5 to £7 price point. And our growing base of support among UK wholesalers, restaurateurs and consumers is testament to that fact.

On a different note, we thank the restaurateurs and independent bottle shops that have supported us so far, and look forward to the day our major retailers "experiment" with some lesser-known brands back here at home, to breathe some diversity into the market place.
Yours sincerely

Mr Frank Nardone, Managing Director


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